Replace Your Motion Control Hardware with A Low-Cost, Windows-based Machine Automation Solution

Innovate with KingStar Machine Control

Build your own Windows-PC machine controllers for industrial equipment or machines. 

  • Reduce machine controller costs by 25-50%
  • Improve machine performance and control
  • Eliminate hardware inventory and motion board replacement issues
  • Improve operator and machine productivity

Utilize EtherCat and other innovations

Take advantage of KingStar's building blocks for the latest advances in machine controllers and then design your own Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • Use proven software technology to transforms Windows into an RTOS
  • Replace proprietary motion cards with a software motion kernel
  • Run motion control kernel on open, standard x86 multicore Windows PCs, rather than on proprietary DSP/FPGA motion cards
  • Use EtherCAT rather than proprietary field bus technology
  • Use the existing PC NIC card rather than a proprietary IO controller
  • Use inexpensive Ethernet cables rather than proprietary field bus cables
  • Reduce wiring requirements by relying on Ethernet infrastructure
  • Build a powerful GUI with a world-class Windows Interface (HMI)
  • Cut costs by choosing the most cost effective EtherCAT servo drives
  • Use KingStar Libraries for pre-integration of EtherCAT master/servos

Windows-based motion control drives the world's leading SMT machines

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KingStar 2.1 Product Release Notice - April 2015

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